Jeremiah Brandreth’s Sutton Walk

Jeremiah Brandreth’s Sutton Walk.

These directions can be used along with the town centre map shown on the Heritage Tour page.

Begin at the Old Ashfield Hotel. This is on Kirkby Road, Sutton-in-Ashfield, on the border of Kirkby-in-Ashfield. This point is easily accessible from the A38.

Walk down Kirkby Road towards Sutton Town Centre. Over a mini traffic island and on to a larger traffic island. Turn left onto Spring Road. This changes into Hack Lane (same road). West End is a block of flats next to the Staff of Life public house, and was originally known as Smedley’s End, after the builders. At the Staff of Life turn left into Church Street. Immediately on your right is St. Mary’s Gardens. Carry straight on to Alfreton Road then turn first right onto Douglas Road. You are now in (old) Sutton Woodhouse.

At the top of Douglas Road turn right in front of the Cemetery, walking towards the Town centre down Lammas Road. The church of St. Mary Magdalene is at the top of the first street next to the Cemetery. Next to the church is the Lammas School. A little further down Lammas Road on the same side as the School is the Pinfold. At the traffic island keep right towards the Bus station. On the right is the Manor House, and straight in front you will see the White Swan public house. Hunter’s Bar is adjacent to the White Swan, across Market Street and next to the Police Station. This area is a Conservation Area.

Church Street was the main street through the town before the Lammas Road was built. The entrance to the Idlewells Precinct is behind the Bus station. Time for a cuppa ? Browse the shops ? Go straight through the Idlewells Precinct and emerge on Low Street. Turn left, then after 10 yards there is an entrance on the right, accessed via steps. Criers Yard. Going through Criers Yard brings you out onto Parliament Street. Turn left and in front of you is Forest Street. Just before you reach Forest Street is a turning to the right with a garage at the corner of it. It is a dead end, so continue on to Forest Street and then turn left. The Crown and Woolpack public house is on the right hand corner.

Turn left again back onto Low Street. Carry on along Low Street until you reach the Old Market Place, with Costa Coffee on the corner. To your right at the bottom of the Old Market Place, if you look up, at the top of the buildings is the Old Town Hall. Keeping close to Costa turn the corner and walk up the hill, following the road to the right. Looking towards your left there is a pathway, leading up towards the car park belonging to Sutton Community Academy. The main road (High Pavement) is visible, as is the United Reformed Church at the top right of the car park.

 Once out of the church turn right onto High Pavement. Cross to the other side of the road and Prospect Place is on the left. Go to the end of the street and Lindley’s Mill is hiding on the right hand side. Return the same way back to High Pavement, turning left and following the road down to the traffic island and Kirkby Road for the walk back to the Old Ashfield.

If you need to avoid steps then this can be achieved by omitting those to Criers Yard and carrying on down Low Street, turning right after the sundial then right again at the Crown and Woolpack.

The route to the United Reformed Church, although containing steps has an access ramp as well.